Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pulau Aman in Penang

What could beat a trip to Pulau Aman for the seafood. And what would Penang be without SEAFOOD???

Pulau Aman is a Malay village famous for fresh mantis prawn. The place can be reached from Bukit Tambun. After exiting from the Bukit Tambun toll, all to do is to follow the signboard to Pulau Aman jetty. Boat ride costs RM 6 per head for both ways.

Not much can be seen there, just small island for rest and relax.

The best attraction there would be the food. Beside famous for the mantis prawn, they also serve "mee udang" or prawn noodles. Look at the size of the prawn!

Overall, not bad a trip.

This is the jetty where boats are available to go to Pulau Aman:

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A Matter of Perspective

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Penang Wire Art and Mural

Went to take photographs of wire art and murals around Georgetown. Equipped with just a map and cap, the walking journey took about three hours. Quite a fun experience.

We started the journey from Armenian Street. Cars were parked there. There are several mural paintings there, including the "Boy on Bicycle" and "Old Man". 

The walk continues by walking south to Armenian Street. There are a mural painting and several wire arts.

After that, we walked towards Penang Road via Kimberly Street. Had some Penang Laksa and Famous Teo Chew Chendul. By the way, the "Waiting Old Man" mural is also located at Penang Road.

Next, we head towards King Street for several wire arts.

And finally, we head back to Armenian Street for the "Boy on Motorcycle" and the "Dinosaur"

Before ending the trip, we had a visit to Chew Jetty where the last mural of the day was located. Enjoyed the nice scenery there.