Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Final Year Project in UTM

          Wheeled mobile robot is a machine that navigates from one point to another, using actuated wheels, either in mobile or steering manner. The differentially steered drive mobile robot is a robot with two separately actuated wheels. This type of mobile robot is classified under the nonholonomic mobile robot system because the total degree of freedom is more than controllable actuators. Mobile robot navigation can be divided into robot localization, planning and tracking. In this project, navigation was achieved using odometry navigation. The Bézier curve was used for the trajectory planning because the initial and final heading of the mobile robot can be easily determined. A nonlinear control law was used for the mobile robot trajectory tracking. The project was implemented in the Robot Operating System robot framework, pioneered by Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The final outcome of this project is production of a usable navigation module for this class of nonholonomic mobile robot and can be used to program the robot for the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest.

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