Monday, October 31, 2011

Giving Blessings

After watching this two videos, here and here, it really inspire me to write this post.

I still remember once, my family and I went for a dinner out at an open air cafe. Then we were approached by a monk. The monk hand over an alm to ask for donation. Well, I was thinking, alm was not suppose to be filled with money but food. But my dad, donated some cash. The monk did some form of blessing to us and went away.

Then I went, "That is a fake monk. Why donate?". My dad goes "It does not matter if it is real or fake". Well apparently, the day after, he came out in the newspaper. This guy is actually a fraud, pretending to be a monk and asks for donation. It was reported in some section of TheStar some time ago.

Only after a few years later, I realize, "Does it matter if he was fake?". The most important thing is the blessing that we give that counts. Even the donation of mere RM 2.00, it really will help a lot, although the monk was fake.

Let's put this in form of logic in four situations.
Case 1: The monk is fake and I do not donate. I will get demerit because of not donating and that person gets nothing.
Case 2: The monk is real and I do not donate. I will get demerit more because of not helping a monk. The monk will get nothing
Case 3: The monk is real and I donate. I will get merit and the monk can have something to eat.
Case 4: The monk is fake and I donate. I will get merit but that guy will get demerit for cheating.

After thinking for a while, it is the blessing that counts. Blessing someone is the best thing one can give to anyone, smile, donation or prayer. So what if the monk is fake? I still will get merit for blessing others. This is what we need in this world, like the videos, helping each other in time of needs.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thinking issue is more critical than global warming

This is a quote from my lecturer in creative thinking, "The most critical issue is not global warming but rather, the way people think" by Edward De Bono.

Come to think of this, it is really an argument that I would agree on. Not in a critical sense that people in IBM or Microsoft or Google think, but rather close to my home, in Malaysia.

I have also read this article here. Quite an inspiring article I would say. Tan Sri also focuses on the right thing to think and how to generate creativity.

And just recently, I thought back about a book my Edward De Bono, about lateral thinking. When come to think of it, thinking is really crucial in creating an empowering community. "Empowering creativity that empowers".

Tan Sri also mentioned about the importance of education system. Education methods in the 20th century cannot be used in the 21st century.

Whenever there are weakness in the Malaysia society, the education system were to be blamed. This seems to be a sickness in the society people like to stick to. Again, it is back to the thinking of the people themselves.

I am not sure what I would like to voice out here, but I would like to say that thinking is important. Thinking creates a society that excels. Thinking creates a creative community. Thinking will bring a bright future to everyone.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Robot Software

The concept of robot software is very important in developing robots. This software is different from normal software because of the real time requirement. Besides the structure of the software could be different based on the structure and requirement of the robot.

There are three basic concept that have to be understood:

1) Modularity
Every function in the robot can be split into modules rather than having them all clumped up in a software. Advantage of doing this is because it is easier to troubleshoot and easier for development. It is better for code understanding.

2) Hierarchy
Even with modules, there should be some hierarchy to determine the level of the module. Either it be input output module, filtering module, utility modules, or application modules. With this, it is better when defining a module and to classify them.

3) Connection
Even with module or without, connecting the component is not easy. Communication from one module to another should be put in a defined and standard manner. This is important due to the complexity when number of modules are increasing.

This is a presentation I have made to compile the work my colleague and I have done for a year.

Enough of say...

There is a blog that I would recommend. A blog by Professor Adrian Boeing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Promise to Myself

I have promised that the previous change of blog template was the last one. But this time I changed. Well, mostly it is because the previous template was too messy and looks to punk-y. I think this is the last time I will change this blog template.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Post

Still, control engineering never seems to stop fascinating me. The main idea of control engineering is about need. Whenever there is need, surely there is  way to do it.