Saturday, July 10, 2010

Experience is Priceless

After joining the Robocon for a few months, I guess this is a pit stop. We are going for a further route ahead and we need more preparation for that. A road to success was never heard. But we do know that, although if we cannot reach the moon, at least we have the stars. It all started with the tiny robot called the auto car competition. With a cost of MYR 200.00, the tiny robot was built. Using some basic sensors, I were able to make a line following robot. Then the thrill goes on. From digital, I have moved on to analog for the sensors because it is better although the noise is hard to handle at first. From my experience, digital, as in binary value sensors are not really dependable. Not if the sensors are very expensive. So to get out of the trouble, use more analog value items. The algorithm might be hard but it can accomplish so much more. Then it goes on. The journey is not easy but when you know you have your team to support you, everything goes rather smoothly. After entering the team, I was quite lost. It is really hard to merge into their system but Rome was not built in a day. Step by step I walk. Learning what I like best, programming a robot. The code was so long and eye soaring. And they never give the complete code. Makes my head spins a lot. But together with the new members, we manage to get through. Some don't. I learned that to enter Robocon is one thing. To stay is another thing which is harder. But I have struggled and stick with the team. Soon after, I wrote my own module based on control system. Learning from the faculty and campus is fun but it is more fun to apply them. You get to know much more on control system engineering, the transient response and steady-state error. Everything was so much cleare after you have applied that in robotics. The module went well but not much used out of it since this year's game require less navigation. How much I wished to enter the team one year earlier. Then for the first generation robot, I got to use my module. Although the scoring was illegal, but the module went well. Only there after I merge my module with the current module. It was like rewriting the whole thing, but I have rather use the current module. It gives so much more options and it is easier. There after, I was involved more in robot programming. I would not say it is hard but it is not an easy thing either. It takes a lot of cooperation too from other department in the team. Sometimes it is about perseverance too. You never know that your programming will work. Sometimes you need to try a lot to get there. Sometimes silly mistakes really gets in the way and is really an irritating situation to be in. But all and all it was a good experience and it was priceless

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