Thursday, June 17, 2010

Development of Modules

This was in my thinking for a long time. To develop proper modules for the use of robotics. There are two modules in my mind. Actually the modules was half developed and in use now. Just now, would like to rearrange the programming and calling methods.

Fuzzy Logic LDR Line Finder
Using proper light to electric transducer, a module to find a line is developed using the mathematics of fuzzy logic. This algorithm will find line with much higher noise invulnerability. An analog pre-filter is used and a band pass filter algorithm will be used to filter out noise too. Will have to find a way to calibrate the value accordingly.

PID + Fuzzy logic Position and Speed Control Differential Drive Module.
Using the methods of control system, a differential drive module is developed. Controlling the position with PID and speed using Fuzzy Logic, a module can move in speed mode or position mode. This module will also include tuning mode for easy using.

If I could have more time.

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