Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beacon of Knowledge

Entering ROBOCON would be like boarding on a beacon for knowledge. Imagine all those knowledge that can be gained. The ROBOCON spokesman said it will be a challenge to join in the team and it will make one busy the whole day of his/her life. Nevertheless, this is a choice I have chosen. The ex-leader quoted 'You are already an adult, you can think for yourself about what you really want and what you really need'. Yes I admit, I need knowledge. Our Vice Chancellor too emphasize on the importance of knowledge and gaining of knowledge. Let's hope for the best and good luck to UTM.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perspex Lamp Project Render

This is the lamp I am talking about to make. The idea was not totally mine though. Just some alteration. The idea is to have the Lamp changing colours in the pyramid at the center.

It is not really done though, this Image is only a render from 3Ds Max.


edit: More renders

3ds Max rocks!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Auto Car 07 - Output Motor Direction

There are a lot of method to make a motor driver. We can have a H bridge using transistors, using Operational Amplifier and power transistors or rather an Intergrated Circuit we call it Motor Driver IC. Its L293, able to control 2 motors. Each side of motor will have an Enable, Input 1, Input 2, Output 1, and Output 2. Motor will be connected at Output 1 and Output 2.

If Input 1 is High, Output 1 will be high and vice versa, so does Input 2 and Output 2. So to run a motor, we can put High in Input 1 and Low in Input 2, current will flow from Output 1 to Output 2. TO reverse the direction, we will put Input 1 with Low and Input 2 with High, current will flow from Output 2 to Output 1.

To control the speed, we will send PWM to the Enable. For lower speed of motor, we will use lower duty cycle while for higher speed, we will use higher duty cycle.

You can search for the data sheet here.


Lamp Project

I am thinking of making a lamp for a friend's birthday. Not just ordinary lamp, a colour changing lamp a project already done by TauShen, hope he don't mind.

Because colour are mix of red, green and blue, I can mix the colours to make any colour I want; theoretically. Depending on the position of the lamp too.

The structure of the lamp is made of acrylic plastic, donut board, PCB stand, paper and white colour spray.

Wish me luck.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Auto Car Interlude - Photo of the Car

Click on it for enlarged version.

The picture will do all the talking. The structure need improvement.

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