Saturday, August 1, 2009


i think science and mathematics should be taught in English.

it is just much more convenient for further studies or even career.

all the terms outside is in english now.

and i don't think malay will fade just like that.

we have bahasa malaysia for one's sake.

I, out of many would support the use of English in Science and Mathematics. Even the syllabus in UTM itself is in English. The course outcome, the program outcome, program educational outcome, the teachings, the modules and the text books.

When we are out there in the community of science and technology, we are bound to use English because of the exchange and sharing of technology from other country like Japan, German, etc.

So if there is a difference in language, how the information is going to be transferred. Take for example the use of 'feedback' in a simple closed loop control system. In Malay, it would be 'suap balik'. Who in the world from other country would understand that? Not all words are directly translated from English but with much similar spelling.

And who are you to comment on the percent things. And where do you even get the data of 1% every year.

Kita masih belajar Bahasa Malaysia dalam banyak matapelajaran contohnya Seni, Sejarah, Pendidikan Moral, Kemahiran Hidup, Geografi, Akaun, Perdagangan, Muzik (untuk sekolah rendah), BAHASA MALAYSIA, dan lain-lain. Bukankah BAHASA MALAYSIA itu satu subjek yang diwajibkan oleh pelajar untuk lulus untuk mendapat Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.

Dengan penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia dalam begitu banyak matapelajaran dan kewajiban lulus, saya tidak rasa yang Bahasa Malaysia akan pupus atau hilang ditelan zaman.

Kerajaan kita perlu lihat kepada pandangan rakyat seperti dalam undian dalam blog 86% menyokong penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik.

Saya menyatakan hujah ini bukan saya prejudis akan penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia. Saya amat bangga dengan Bahasa Malaysia dan negara kita. Tetapi fikirlan demi masa depan negara kita dalam penbangunan teknologi...

This is the matter I would refer to as Utilitarianism Versus Deontology.

This is the theory of action and effect.

Utilitarianism says that no matter what action you take, as long as the effect is good, the action is good too. Example Robin Hood robs the King (is bad) but he gave the money to the poor (makes this a good deed)

Deontology on the other hand says that doesn't matter what is the effect, as long as your action is good, it is considered good.

In my opinion, teaching in Science and Maths is the utilitarianism case and teaching in Malay is the deontology case. Students who is strong in English is capable of fighting in the global market but you need to sacrifice the use of Malays (by a tiny amount) while learning it in Malay will preserve the language as our National Language.

In the other hand, it is the matter of small mind versus big mind. Thinking outside of the box or inside the box.


ZARA 札拉 said...

I still disagree they changed to BM again~

xan said...

Totally agreed!