Monday, August 10, 2009

Auto Car 02 - The Task

First of all, before making our auto car, we need to take a look at the task given. Task given by the UTM ROBOCON Team to us minors to enter their team.

Figure of the game field layout. (Click for enlargement)

The field will be white and the line will be black.
Base 1 and Base 2 will be 1 cm X 1 cm X 1 cm and are loaded with a ping pong ball.
Center Base will be 5 cm X 5 cm X 1 cm and is empty.

1.4) Start zone is at A as in the game field.
1.5) The maximum number of ping pong ball allowed on auto car is 3. Reload is not allowed after the game started.
1.6) Participants' auto car must complete 1 round first before dropping ping pong ball or score center basket.

1.1) 1 mark will be awarded each time an auto car completes 1 round and passes point A (at own or opponent's side).
1.2) 4 marks will be awarded if an auto car drops ping pong ball from its base (at own side).
1.3) 6 marks will be awarded if an auto car drops ping pong ball at opponent side from its base.
1.4) 7 marks will be awarded if an auto car manages to put a ping pong ball into the center basket.
However this 7 marks will be forfeited in the case of opponent's autocar manage to remove the ping pong ball.

Participants who manage to collect 10 marks first before 3 minutes game will be declared as the winner. Otherwise, auto car that accumulated the highest mark after 3 minutes game will be declared as the winner.

Taken from the task sheet provided by the ROBOCON Team.


Continuing from Auto Car 01, it seems that we already have out input and output. The lines on the field is our input. As an analogy, we humans can see where the line goes and go according where we want using our leg. Similarly, our robot need to 'see' where the line is and follow the line. This is called line following robot.

The output would be the motors themselves. We need to have the microC to read or 'see' the line and interpret and go according to the task provided. The device used are already provided by the team. We would just use them.

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