Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Travelling with Family

These few days I spent with my family and have a good time around KL City. It was really tiring but I get to spend time with my family, sadly, my brother was in Genting for a camping trip. Who got to camp at Genting ey.

So as I was saying, I get tired everyday from walking here and there and drink less water. I came back home now sick and have a sore throat. Luckily the health doctor at the airport don't catch me and diagnose as a H1N1 disease.

I think I will get to the trip detail soon or maybe not.

Apparently I get a letter from UTM regarding the Nomination for the Academic Award. Nevertheless, I will try for it by sending the resume to them by June 10th and now it is already June 8th night. Why don't they send it earlier before my family even leave the home. So what the...


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