Sunday, June 14, 2009

Niah National Park

We went to Niah National Park for a stroll at the park. Vui Kit, Bryan, Arthur, and I. The place was great for nature lovers. You can walk in the forest and enjoy the scenery and you get to see nature's wonder in the cave. Thousands years of formation of rocks. The trail is 4.1 KM from the main entrance to the Painted Cave.

I would say this is the place best for sightseeing in forest. The trail is straight and its a plank walkway. No jungle trekking needed like Lambir. We took four hours in and one and one half hours out. Total 5.5 hours.

Famous signboard. You can see this at most National Park in Sarawak.

This painting actually the replica of the real painting in the Painted Cave.

We need a boat to get to the other side of the National Park HQ. They are too cheap to build a bridge.

The Niah river or was it called that? or Sibuti River. not sure though.

There are a lot of butterlies. Nice. But scare to step on one.

I like the forest a lot. The sunshine is so nice. This is not a photoshop effect aaaa.

Barks and roots.

See the root. Can make a house in there.

While you walk, you can see the Lime stone.

A stream. and some kind of cherry.

Again, the lime stone.

They are mating. I think. Nice flora and fauna.

Some random shot.

Another random shot.

The walkway is straight without any hills. Easy for person to enjoy the forest. I meant mostly.

And after three KM walk, we reach the Traders Cave.

The rock formation with some kind of spider web.

This is still the Traders Cave.

And another few minutes walk, we reach the West Mouth of the Great Cave.

Some of the wonders.

Alien face.

The beam is so beautiful.

After coming out of the cave, we continue the trail to the Painted Cave. This little guy is posing for the camera.

Arriving at the Painted Cave.

Some rock formation again.

A proof, I been here.. haha. (psst... nice shoes)

Too bad though, the paint is fading off because of human touching and flashes from camera. Such a waste.

So they preserve it in pictures.

In the painted cave.

And this is the end of the Cave trail. After that, we went to Hawaii Beach in Miri. I have yet to get the pictures. Battery out already by the time. Too bad.

Till then.

P.S. Pictures with humans at this link.

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