Monday, June 15, 2009

Miri Hawaii Beach

Yeah, Miri do have a Hawaii Beach. I don't know why it is called like that. We been to Hawaii Beach after the trip to Batu Niah.

It is not easy to spot this beach. It is quite hidden and there is no signboard saying this is Hawaii Beach. You need to find it for yourself. It is after the Luak Esplanade.

One tips to find this place is, it is near a Prawn Breeding Farm. Just keep driving from Luak Esplanade upwards until you see a signboard for the Prawn Breeding Farm at you left. Meaning the Beach is at your right.

Little people knows about this place, and the distance is quite far too. So, the beach is quite empty when we were there.

Here are some random shots. Lazy to elaborate more.



BabySiiaOzz said...

never ajak me.. very good _T

Erin said...

hey..nice there..i tot u're going hawaii

Chong Jin said...

Eh which part of Miri is this?

Chong Jin said...

Sorry my bad rushed the comments, mm Miri beaches are quite nice, I used to live at Piasau Camp and will occasionally (read: alot) cycle to the beach and take a stroll along. During days when the weather was excellent the sand is fine and pure, and the view is just wonderful!

Wendy said...

sorry...can u tell me how to go to tat place??? is it we have to walk inside that place by feet? is thr any road tat our car can go inside? can u describe in more detail...thx

khinhooi said...

wendy, it is really hard to describe. you will need to drive from miri town up to luak esplanade and keep going.