Saturday, May 2, 2009

Turn Me into a Vampire

How it is cool to have immortal live. With Immortal life, you can have all the time in the world. You can do what you want, see all you want, make all the money in the world, go anywhere in the world, study all you can, have so many girls on the way.

But the bad side is you need to drink blood to survive. Who knows, blood could taste like red wine. It can make you high, satisfy and happy. The fun part is, you no need to eat, you no need to sleep, you have great strength, you have great speed, you can read minds, and see the future. How great it is.

You can be so rich, because of all the knowledge you get for living so long. Making money. As for human, you got to live life once but as a vampire, you can repeat it again and again, and yet, you can look very very young and good looking.

That is what you will see in Twilight (2008) Film.

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Alexander said...

Ha. REAL Vampires don't live forever. Don't believe all of this Twilight shit