Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Moon A Review and Synopsis

This post is especially for Estina,

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

These truly are good books. Interesting. I would rate then after JK Rowling and Dan Brown (In my personal scale).

Actually I only read New Moon and the next sequel is waiting for me, Eclipse.

The storyline is quite direct and predictable. No twist in the story but sometimes it is good. Meyer elaborated the story quite will but it never gets bored.

English is not that hard but some words used are hard, especially got me a lousy-English-person. The plot is quite amazing and it makes you just want to flip the pages non-stop.

This book somehow signifies the love a couple can get. One may love another and would die for the other person. I was wondering, could something like that ever happen?

Now to the synopsis. Bella is a girl who loved a vampire. One day, Edward, his boy friend invited her to his residence of vampire family. Accidentally, Bella cut herself and bleed. The whole vampire family went crazy because of the blood lust. As you see, the whole family, the Cullens are actually on a non-human blood diet, so it makes then suffer.

After the event, of course Bella was safe. Edward and his family decided to leave. So Bella got very very love sick. She found a friend in Jacob, from the La Push Tribe. She and Jake got along quite well.

They ride motorcycles, went hiking, and went to movie. Out of a sudden, Jacob too disappear too, making Bella even sick. So she went hiking alone and found a meadow in the middle of the forest.

There, she met Laurent, a human eater vampire from Book One (actually I don't read Book One but watched the movie, Twilight). Laurent threatened her and tried to eat her up. Luckily, a pack of wolves came and chased after Laurent.

Bella was save once more. And suddenly, Jacob came back and promised Bella to accompany her to a cliff diving. On that day, Jacob was busy and Bella, out of boredom, went to dive herself.

Alice, Edward's sister, saw Bella in her mind (vampire special ability) and told Edward that she committed suicide. Edward was so sad that he went to a vampire family in Italy to commit suicide too (vampire don't get easily killed unless you want someone to help you)

Alice found out that Bella was alright and then brought Bella to Italy to save Edward. After some exciting and dangerous journey with the vampire family in Italy, get are save.

I may miss out some interesting part of the story because I want you to read it yourselves.

Now, for the Third Book.

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