Saturday, May 16, 2009

My First Site Preview

Preview (click to enlarge)

After one week at Dreamweaver class, I am able to use the program to make a website template. This preview above is the website I am going to make but I still don't know what to put at the website.

Actually the concept of web template is quite easy. There are two type that I am exposed to. Table template and CSS style sheet. The trainer said, the table is an old version and is quite heavy and since the CSS was introduced, many people used CSS.

An example of website that used CSS is Blogger itself and Friendster. My site is made using CSS but the graphic is quite heavy. And the content is not loaded. Of course the layout was made using graphic software, not Dreamweaver itself.

There were a lot of stuff I wanna put in the web if I were able to find a good place to host it and a good domain name. I was thinking of my tutorials and portfolios. I wonder with such lousy works, the traffic won't increase a lot. Hmm. Or maybe it won't be able to see the world too.

Till then.


BabySiiaOzz said...

is the class expensive ^^

Jeff said...

wow.. now you can design your own webpage already!! :P

Anonymous said...

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