Saturday, May 9, 2009

Genting Highland Theme Park at a Glance

These are the few rides in Genting Highland where I would like to review.

Flying coaster
A ride where you can be a Superman and 'fly' around the track. There are a few falls and two twirls. Climbing is done by rotating stick mechanism thingy.

Fun: 8/10
Quite a fun ride because you can fly around, they claim this is the first type of roller coaster in Asia.

Intensity: 6/10
My heart was beating hard before the ride, but it turn out very fun and not really scary. You get to feel a few falls where your head are towards the ground as if you are going to bump and smash your head to the ground but else than that, it is a fund ride.

Nausea: 4/10
They don't turn a lot and there are a lot of banks when they turn. So, not really nauseatic.

The ride will bring you up a car til around 7 storey tall and jerk you down and up a few times. The feel is like you are sitting on a ball and you release the ball on the ground to bounce and stop for itself.

Fun: 5/10
Just some up and down don't make the ride fun enough but it is a great view from the top.

Intensity: 9/10
Once up there, the stop the car for a moment before they jerk you down, making it tension on the top where you can burst. And it is not a free fall. They jerk you down.

Nausea: 7/10
If you are afraid of height, else than that, they don't turn much.

A wild mouse roller coaster with steep turns and steep drops. They too claim this is the first roller coaster in Malaysia (what is with Malaysia and records).

Fun: 6/10
The fall is not really high, but steep. And a few turns.

Intensity: 5/10
The track is there and you are fasten to your seat and it is quite save. So nothing to be afraid of but to enjoy the ride.

Nausea: 5/10
Could be, because the turn is steep and there are no banks.

Sungai Rejang Log Flume
You can ride in a log (or plastic log) to travel around a mini river and two 'waterfall'

Fun: 7/10
Who does not like to play with water hey? And with a big splash from two falls, it would be a great scene.

Intensity: 7/10
The fall is quite steep and you are not straped to the boat and you need to hold very tight to the railing in the boat to save yourself.

Nausea: 5/10
You are not seasick, aren't you?

Not a place for thrill seekers, if you compare with other place like Times Square Indoor or Sunway Extreme. All the rides are quite short and from the length of ride perspective, it is quite dissapointing. It is really good experience for first timers and non-thrill seekers.

And if you are seeking REAL roller coasters, I would suggest parks from Six Flags in the United Stated of America. They provide very large roller coasters and exciting roller coasters.

There is a ride I would like to grab your attention,

Xtreme by Euro Travelling Theme Park
Being jerked around 360 degrees in a big wheel, and the diameter could easily exceed a 6 storeys building, and being turned 360 degrees vertical (360 + 360 is uhm, 1080 degrees), it is a very intense ride with its own fun.
Of course you don't get to ride it anywhere because it is a travelling theme park.

Fun: 7/10
Of course it is fun because the ride is like a roller coaster but only you turn upside down a lot.

Intensity: 10/10
Being held up so high, it is really intense and bring swing in your seat up and down. There are no free fall because the big wheel turns.

Nause: 9/10
Your head will spin because of the spinning done by this ride.

More on Euro Travelling Theme Park and it makes Genting Highland Theme Park a meh!

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