Friday, May 1, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

This movie is somehow meaningful to watch. It is about a woman who works as Editor-in-Chief in the American Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly, actress Meryl Streep. There is a job which is as her assistant where a million girl would kill for it. Andy Sachs (actress Anne Hathaway) got the job but she is not a fashion person.

Miranda Priestly is a great editor but she is a bitch boss. There is one thing about her that makes me think. Once you are a great leader and you produce a lot for the company, would you act like a bitch and treat everyone under you like a dog?

Does privilege and luxury change people? In the show, Miranda betrayed his colleague to protect her job as the editor in chief of American Runway Magazine. And she made Andy betrayed her co-worker to be able to get to Paris for an annual fashion convention. But at last, Andy quited her job because of the bitch and betraying attitude.

This Miranda person, actually happens at real life. One good example is the Head of Department for Electrical at College of Science and Technology. Well, that is what I heard from my course mates and campus mates. I never actually met her. But does she have to act like that. Never looking at people when you are going to meet her?

This is totally bitch and super egoistic. Well, the issue here is, does everyone need to feed on ego? Even you are really great and oh-so-powerful, do people need it?

Andy chose not to feed on ego. Probably so will me, but we never know the future.


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