Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Personality

From a test on the web here, I can know my personality.

Out of four personalities, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic, and Choleric, I am a Phlegmatic, Melancholic.

Phlegmatic 40%
Melancholic 28%
Sanguine 23%
Choleric 10%.

You guys who knew me in the past may see me as Choleric more, but actually I am not.

Some of the traits listed here.

Phlegmatic Strength

The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Low-key personality
  • Easygoing and relaxed
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Patient well balanced
  • Consistent life
  • Quiet but witty
  • Sympathetic and kind
  • Keeps emotions hidden
  • Happily reconciled to life
  • All-purpose person
The Phlegmatic As A Parent
  • Makes a good parent
  • Takes time for the children
  • Is not in a hurry
  • Can take the good with the bad
  • Doesn't get upset easily
The Phlegmatic At Work
  • Competent and steady
  • Peaceful and agreeable
  • Has administrative ability
  • Mediates problems
  • Avoids conflicts
  • Good under pressure
  • Finds the easy way
The Phlegmatic As a Friend
  • Easy to get along with
  • Pleasant and enjoyable
  • Inoffensive
  • Good listener
  • Dry sense of humor
  • Enjoys watching people
  • Has many friends
  • Has compassion and concern
Phlegmatic Weaknesses

The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Unenthusiastic
  • Fearful and worried
  • Indecisive
  • Avoids responsibility
  • Quiet will of iron
  • Selfish
  • To shy and reticent
  • Too compromising
  • Self-righteous
The Phlegmatic As A Parent
  • Lax on discipline
  • Doesn't organize home
  • Takes life to easy
The Phlegmatic At Work
  • Not goal oriented
  • Lacks self motivation
  • Hard to get moving
  • Resents being pushed
  • Lazy and careless
  • Discourages others
  • Would rather watch
The Phlegmatic As a Friend
  • Dampens enthusiasm
  • Stays uninvolved
  • Is not exciting
  • Indifferent to plans
  • Judges others
  • Sarcastic and teasing
  • Resists change
Melancholic Strength

The Melancholy's Emotions
  • Deep and thoughtfully
  • Analytical
  • Serious and purposeful
  • Genius prone
  • Talented and creative
  • Artistic or musical
  • Philosophical and poetic
  • appreciative of beauty
  • Sensitive to others
  • Self-sacrificing
  • Conscientious
  • Idealistic
The Melancholy As A Parent
  • Sets high standards
  • Wants everything done right
  • Keeps home in good order
  • Picks up after children
  • Sacrifices own will for others
  • Encourages scholarship and talent
The Melancholy At Work
  • Schedule oriented
  • Perfectionist, high standards
  • Detail conscious
  • Persistent and thorough
  • Orderly and organized
  • Neat and tidy
  • Economical
  • Sees the problems
  • Finds creative solutions
  • Needs to finish what he starts
  • Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists
The Melancholy As a Friend
  • Makes friends cautiously
  • Content to stay in background
  • Avoids causing attention
  • Faithful and devoted
  • Will listen to complaints
  • Can solve other's problems
  • Deep concern for other people
  • Moved to tears with compassion
  • Seeks ideal mate
Melancholic Weaknesses

The Melancholy's Emotions
  • Remembers the negatives
  • Moody and depressed
  • Enjoys being hurt
  • Has false humility
  • Off in another world
  • Low self-image
  • Has selective hearing
  • Self-centered
  • Too introspective
  • Guilt feelings
  • Persecution complex
  • Tends to hypochondria
The Melancholy As A Parent
  • Puts goals beyond reach
  • May discourage children
  • May be too meticulous
  • Becomes martyr
  • Sulks over disagreements
  • Puts guilt upon children
The Melancholy At Work
  • Not people oriented
  • depressed over imperfections
  • Chooses difficult work
  • Hesitant to start projects
  • Spends to much time planning
  • Prefers analysis to work
  • Self-deprecating
  • Hard to please
  • Standards often to high
  • Deep need for approval
The Melancholy As a Friend
  • Lives through others
  • Insecure socially
  • Withdrawn and remote
  • critical of others
  • Holds back affections
  • Dislikes those in opposition
  • Suspicious of people
  • Antagonistic and vengeful
  • Unforgiving
  • Full of contradictions
  • Skeptical of compliments
Sanguine Strength

The Sanguine's Emotions
  • Appealing personality
  • Talkative, Storyteller
  • Life of the Party
  • Good sense of humor
  • Memory for color
  • Physically holds on to listener
  • Emotional and demonstrative
  • Enthusiastic and expressive
  • Cheerful and bubbling over
  • Curious
  • Good on stage
  • Wide-eyed and innocent
  • Lives in the present
  • Changeable disposition
  • Sincere at heart
  • Always a child
The Sanguine As A Parent
  • Makes Home Fun
  • Is liked by children's friends
  • Turns disaster into humor
  • Is the circus master
The Sanguine At Work
  • Volunteers for Jobs
  • thinks up new activities
  • Looks great on the Surface
  • Creative and colorful
  • Has energy and enthusiasm
  • Starts in a flashy way
  • Inspires others to join
  • charms others to work
The Sanguine As a Friend
  • Makes friends easily
  • Loves People
  • Thrives on compliments
  • Seems exciting
  • envied by others
  • Doesn't hold grudges
  • apologizes quickly
  • Prevents dull moments
  • Likes spontaneous activities
Sanguine Weaknesses

The Sanguine's Emotions
  • Compulsive talker
  • Exaggerates and elaborates
  • Dwells on trivia
  • Can't remember names
  • Scares others off
  • Too happy for some
  • Has restless energy
  • Egotistical
  • Blusters and complains
  • Naive, gets taken in
  • Has loud voice and laugh
  • Controlled by circumstances
  • Gets angry easily
  • Seems phony to some
  • Never Grows Up
The Sanguine As A Parent
  • Keeps home in a frenzy
  • Forgets children's appointments
  • disorganized
  • Doesn't listen to the whole story
The Sanguine At Work
  • Would rather talk
  • forgets obligations
  • Doesn't follow through
  • Confidence fades fast
  • Undisciplined
  • Priorities out of order
  • Decides by feelings
  • Easily distracted
  • Wastes time talking
The Sanguine As a Friend
  • Hates to be alone
  • Needs to be center stage
  • Wants to be popular
  • Looks for credit
  • dominates conversations
  • Interrupts and doesn't listen
  • answers for others
  • Fickle and forgetful
  • Makes excuses
  • Repeats stories
Choleric Strength

The Choleric's Emotions
  • Born leader
  • Dynamic and active
  • Compulsive need for change
  • Must correct wrongs
  • Strong-willed and decisive
  • Unemotional
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Independent and self sufficient
  • Exudes confidence
  • Can run anything
The Choleric As A Parent
  • Exerts sound leadership
  • Establishes Goals
  • Motivates family to action
  • Knows the right answer
  • Organizes household
The Choleric At Work
  • Goal oriented
  • Sees the whole picture
  • Organizes well
  • Seeks practical solutions
  • Moves quickly to action
  • Delegates work
  • Insists on production
  • Makes the goal
  • Stimulates activity
  • Thrives on opposition
The Choleric As a Friend
  • Has little need for friends
  • Will work for group activity
  • Will lead and organize
  • Is usually right
  • Excels in emergencies
Choleric Weaknesses

The Choleric's Emotions
  • Bossy
  • Impatient
  • Quick-tempered
  • Can't Relax
  • Too impetuous
  • Enjoys controversy and arguments
  • Won't give up when loosing
  • Comes on too strong
  • Inflexible
  • Is not complimentary
  • Dislikes tears and emotions
  • Is unsympathetic
The Choleric As A Parent
  • Tends to over dominate
  • Too busy for family
  • Gives answers too quickly
  • Impatient with poor performance
  • Won't let children relax
  • May send them into depression
The Choleric At Work
  • Little tolerance for mistakes
  • Doesn't analyze details
  • Bored by trivia
  • May make rash decisions
  • May be rude or tactless
  • Manipulates people
  • Demanding of others
  • End justifies the means
  • Work may become his god
  • Demands loyalty in the ranks
The Choleric As a Friend
  • Tends to use people
  • Dominates others
  • Knows everything
  • Decides for others
  • Can do everything better
  • Is to independent
  • Possessive of friends and mate
  • Can't say, "I'm Sorry"
  • May be right, but unpopular
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

While I am at Class 2

The lecturer don;t mind us wandering around the class and walking here and there, so I manage to snap a few pictures outside and edit with photoshop too.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

While I am at Class

Well, the lecturer is quite open, so we did our stuff at our will. So, I was boring, I played with Photoshop and came up with these two texture wallpaper. Here we are:

Gloomy Waves by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Fantasy Texture by ~temporary40 on deviantART

P.S. I am smelling of some tutorials coming up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh my

Vampire can have baby too. I know why the Breaking Dawn front page got a Queen and and Red Pawn of the Chess Board.

Such a stupid post.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My First Site Preview

Preview (click to enlarge)

After one week at Dreamweaver class, I am able to use the program to make a website template. This preview above is the website I am going to make but I still don't know what to put at the website.

Actually the concept of web template is quite easy. There are two type that I am exposed to. Table template and CSS style sheet. The trainer said, the table is an old version and is quite heavy and since the CSS was introduced, many people used CSS.

An example of website that used CSS is Blogger itself and Friendster. My site is made using CSS but the graphic is quite heavy. And the content is not loaded. Of course the layout was made using graphic software, not Dreamweaver itself.

There were a lot of stuff I wanna put in the web if I were able to find a good place to host it and a good domain name. I was thinking of my tutorials and portfolios. I wonder with such lousy works, the traffic won't increase a lot. Hmm. Or maybe it won't be able to see the world too.

Till then.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

This is a third sequel to the famous and hot movie Twilight. In this story, they got to fight an enemies from book two and Bella need to make the hardest choice of her life.

The cover of the book is here at this post.

Now I am finding the fourth book. ><

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Genting Highland Theme Park at a Glance

These are the few rides in Genting Highland where I would like to review.

Flying coaster
A ride where you can be a Superman and 'fly' around the track. There are a few falls and two twirls. Climbing is done by rotating stick mechanism thingy.

Fun: 8/10
Quite a fun ride because you can fly around, they claim this is the first type of roller coaster in Asia.

Intensity: 6/10
My heart was beating hard before the ride, but it turn out very fun and not really scary. You get to feel a few falls where your head are towards the ground as if you are going to bump and smash your head to the ground but else than that, it is a fund ride.

Nausea: 4/10
They don't turn a lot and there are a lot of banks when they turn. So, not really nauseatic.

The ride will bring you up a car til around 7 storey tall and jerk you down and up a few times. The feel is like you are sitting on a ball and you release the ball on the ground to bounce and stop for itself.

Fun: 5/10
Just some up and down don't make the ride fun enough but it is a great view from the top.

Intensity: 9/10
Once up there, the stop the car for a moment before they jerk you down, making it tension on the top where you can burst. And it is not a free fall. They jerk you down.

Nausea: 7/10
If you are afraid of height, else than that, they don't turn much.

A wild mouse roller coaster with steep turns and steep drops. They too claim this is the first roller coaster in Malaysia (what is with Malaysia and records).

Fun: 6/10
The fall is not really high, but steep. And a few turns.

Intensity: 5/10
The track is there and you are fasten to your seat and it is quite save. So nothing to be afraid of but to enjoy the ride.

Nausea: 5/10
Could be, because the turn is steep and there are no banks.

Sungai Rejang Log Flume
You can ride in a log (or plastic log) to travel around a mini river and two 'waterfall'

Fun: 7/10
Who does not like to play with water hey? And with a big splash from two falls, it would be a great scene.

Intensity: 7/10
The fall is quite steep and you are not straped to the boat and you need to hold very tight to the railing in the boat to save yourself.

Nausea: 5/10
You are not seasick, aren't you?

Not a place for thrill seekers, if you compare with other place like Times Square Indoor or Sunway Extreme. All the rides are quite short and from the length of ride perspective, it is quite dissapointing. It is really good experience for first timers and non-thrill seekers.

And if you are seeking REAL roller coasters, I would suggest parks from Six Flags in the United Stated of America. They provide very large roller coasters and exciting roller coasters.

There is a ride I would like to grab your attention,

Xtreme by Euro Travelling Theme Park
Being jerked around 360 degrees in a big wheel, and the diameter could easily exceed a 6 storeys building, and being turned 360 degrees vertical (360 + 360 is uhm, 1080 degrees), it is a very intense ride with its own fun.
Of course you don't get to ride it anywhere because it is a travelling theme park.

Fun: 7/10
Of course it is fun because the ride is like a roller coaster but only you turn upside down a lot.

Intensity: 10/10
Being held up so high, it is really intense and bring swing in your seat up and down. There are no free fall because the big wheel turns.

Nause: 9/10
Your head will spin because of the spinning done by this ride.

More on Euro Travelling Theme Park and it makes Genting Highland Theme Park a meh!

Ice Saranyu - Kon Dee Dee Tum Mai Mai Ruk

Sometimes I odd myself out of music taste because I like foreign music where Chineses like Chinese songs, Malays like Malay songs, I like Thai songs, Arabic songs, and some weird chanting songs.

Here is a Thai song I would like to share and the meaning is too very touching.

Ice Saranyu - Kon Dee Dee Tum Mai Mai Ruk

Chun nun ngoh chai mai
Tee ngom ngai yaum ton yahng nee
Pen kon dee tee tur mai care
Tai jai tur mai hen tur doo lae
Mee tae tum hai chum jai
Yoo dai took wun

Yaum jon leum suk see
Tee koey mee mah maan san naan
Mai kow jai tua eng meuan gun
Tum arai pur tur dai took yahng
Tae wah tur mai taung garn
Glub beua dui sum

Ja ruk tum mai hai jeb hai chum
Ruk tum mai hai nurah hai lah
Yoo gun pai gaw pleung way lah
Gaw mee tae took nai jai
Tee kow dee dee tum mai mai ruk
Ruk tum mai tae kon mai dee
Ja moah tun yahng nee tum mai
Tum mai yoo
Ja ton pur arai
Mee tae sia jai

Tur mee dee arai
Teung jaung kauy hai kwarn sum kun
Mai aht taub gub krai dai lere
Pa yah tarm ja maung hah bahng yahng
Tae mai koey pob suk yahng
Hai taub krai krai

Ja ruk tum mai hai jeb hai chum
Ruk tum mai hai nurah hai lah
Yoo gun pai gaw pleung way lah
Gaw mee tae took nai jai
Tee kow dee dee tum mai mai ruk
Ruk tum mai tae kon mai dee
Ja moah tun yahng nee tum mai
Tum mai yoo
Ja ton pur arai
Mee tae sia jai


Ja ruk tum mai hai jeb hai chum
Ruk tum mai hai nurah hai lah
Yoo gun pai gaw pleung way lah
Gaw mee tae took nai jai
Tee kow dee dee tum mai mai ruk
Ruk tum mai tae kon mai dee
Ja moah tun yahng nee tum mai
Tum mai yoo
Ja ton pur arai
Mee tae sia jai

Ja moah tun yahng nee tum mai
Tum mai yoo
Ja ton pur arai
Mee tae sia jai

The lyrics in English is something like this.

Honey, why you don’t love me

I’m really stupid, gullible to accept an enduring like this, as a good man that you don’t cherish.
I pampered you but you don’t cherish me. Everything I had done was hurting myself, and being hurt everyday!

I’ve kept on enduring and put down my self-esteem, for a long time. I don’t understand it myself.
I have done my best to please you but you didn’t appreciate me, and bored as well.

Why my love towards you is so pain? Why loving you is exhausted?
Being together wastes of your time, but I suffered a lot deep inside my heart!
Why don’t you love me? I am better than him!
Why I need to endure this blindly? What for I need to endure this? The relationship brings me nothing but only regrets.

What virtue you have, until I kept on giving importance to you?
I probably couldn’t answer this question myself. I tried to find clues but had never found one.

Go ahead, give it a try, either at Youtube or Imeem.
I know Thai songs gives bad impression to O2Jammers because of the song with bats and bananas, but this song is different.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am living my life on Starbucks, Coke, and Mamee Monster.

Yeap, enough for a post I guess.


Yeah, relief, 4 out of 5 of my subject grade is out. 2 A and 2 A+. Another subject is Mechatronic Laboratory 3 (I hope this subject comes out okay).

My table is a big mess since the Big Bang, probably I should clean it up.

Robocon Finals is at 9th and 10th of May at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam. Who are robots enthusiast, can have a watch there.

And 3P course are going to start.

I have decide to kill of the project on the mean time.

Hmm, I think that is all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Moon A Review and Synopsis

This post is especially for Estina,

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

These truly are good books. Interesting. I would rate then after JK Rowling and Dan Brown (In my personal scale).

Actually I only read New Moon and the next sequel is waiting for me, Eclipse.

The storyline is quite direct and predictable. No twist in the story but sometimes it is good. Meyer elaborated the story quite will but it never gets bored.

English is not that hard but some words used are hard, especially got me a lousy-English-person. The plot is quite amazing and it makes you just want to flip the pages non-stop.

This book somehow signifies the love a couple can get. One may love another and would die for the other person. I was wondering, could something like that ever happen?

Now to the synopsis. Bella is a girl who loved a vampire. One day, Edward, his boy friend invited her to his residence of vampire family. Accidentally, Bella cut herself and bleed. The whole vampire family went crazy because of the blood lust. As you see, the whole family, the Cullens are actually on a non-human blood diet, so it makes then suffer.

After the event, of course Bella was safe. Edward and his family decided to leave. So Bella got very very love sick. She found a friend in Jacob, from the La Push Tribe. She and Jake got along quite well.

They ride motorcycles, went hiking, and went to movie. Out of a sudden, Jacob too disappear too, making Bella even sick. So she went hiking alone and found a meadow in the middle of the forest.

There, she met Laurent, a human eater vampire from Book One (actually I don't read Book One but watched the movie, Twilight). Laurent threatened her and tried to eat her up. Luckily, a pack of wolves came and chased after Laurent.

Bella was save once more. And suddenly, Jacob came back and promised Bella to accompany her to a cliff diving. On that day, Jacob was busy and Bella, out of boredom, went to dive herself.

Alice, Edward's sister, saw Bella in her mind (vampire special ability) and told Edward that she committed suicide. Edward was so sad that he went to a vampire family in Italy to commit suicide too (vampire don't get easily killed unless you want someone to help you)

Alice found out that Bella was alright and then brought Bella to Italy to save Edward. After some exciting and dangerous journey with the vampire family in Italy, get are save.

I may miss out some interesting part of the story because I want you to read it yourselves.

Now, for the Third Book.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Turn Me into a Vampire

How it is cool to have immortal live. With Immortal life, you can have all the time in the world. You can do what you want, see all you want, make all the money in the world, go anywhere in the world, study all you can, have so many girls on the way.

But the bad side is you need to drink blood to survive. Who knows, blood could taste like red wine. It can make you high, satisfy and happy. The fun part is, you no need to eat, you no need to sleep, you have great strength, you have great speed, you can read minds, and see the future. How great it is.

You can be so rich, because of all the knowledge you get for living so long. Making money. As for human, you got to live life once but as a vampire, you can repeat it again and again, and yet, you can look very very young and good looking.

That is what you will see in Twilight (2008) Film.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

This movie is somehow meaningful to watch. It is about a woman who works as Editor-in-Chief in the American Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly, actress Meryl Streep. There is a job which is as her assistant where a million girl would kill for it. Andy Sachs (actress Anne Hathaway) got the job but she is not a fashion person.

Miranda Priestly is a great editor but she is a bitch boss. There is one thing about her that makes me think. Once you are a great leader and you produce a lot for the company, would you act like a bitch and treat everyone under you like a dog?

Does privilege and luxury change people? In the show, Miranda betrayed his colleague to protect her job as the editor in chief of American Runway Magazine. And she made Andy betrayed her co-worker to be able to get to Paris for an annual fashion convention. But at last, Andy quited her job because of the bitch and betraying attitude.

This Miranda person, actually happens at real life. One good example is the Head of Department for Electrical at College of Science and Technology. Well, that is what I heard from my course mates and campus mates. I never actually met her. But does she have to act like that. Never looking at people when you are going to meet her?

This is totally bitch and super egoistic. Well, the issue here is, does everyone need to feed on ego? Even you are really great and oh-so-powerful, do people need it?

Andy chose not to feed on ego. Probably so will me, but we never know the future.