Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Do Flies

Have you ever feel so peace and so calm, then suddenly all those have to go. And when you are back, you are bombarded with jobs and tasks and responsibilities. And it was the only chance you can relax and enjoy the time, when you are back to the things you are suppose to do.

I do not know why I am always in the responsibility. Well, at least as I think I am in one. Why do not I get the chance to live the carefree live. Maybe in this life, there is no carefree life unless you are damn filthy rich.

Why I am the one who always concerns? If I care less about the other stuff, maybe I won't be that tensed. I meant tensed, not stressed. Why I am the one who wants everything to be perfect and high quality. I can feel the difference there. Why I am the idealist thinker?

Who knows one day a cable in high tension will reach its fatigue life cycle and breaks.

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BabySiiaOzz said...

life is full of rules, pressure, responsibility and we need to walk it bravely..