Sunday, April 12, 2009

Robotics Goes Smoothly

After some ups and downs for the robotics project, it is coming to some steady state but it is not done yet. Everything is smooth now. The structure is done thanks to the team. It is now comes to the circuit. I have designed the closed loop control system (not design la, taken only). The circuit is completed save for the feedback part. Of course in a closed loop control system, you need a feedback. Tomorrow Azu is going to get the multi turn potentiometer which cost a freaking RM 25.00. After getting the feedback, we need to tune the gain of the control system to suite the motor. And this is for the up and down, motor. The rotary motor is still not done, the in and out motor is still not yet done. The sensor is not yet done. The program is not yet done. Darn.


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