Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robotic Project Presentation

We load the project into the car to bring it to campus. Courtesy to the car owner.

Our presentation is after the Machine Drive Examination.

Setting up the project. It takes time though to calibrate the system so it is accurate and yet it turned out not accurate.

To demonstrate the project before presenting.

This is after the presentation. Not happy but content.

Our group who does the project. The mastermind is at the center, whahahaha. Hmm.

Now I am planning to upgrade the project from PLC to Microcontroller. Planned to use a password system and improve the positioning of the closed loop control. I wanted to make a full PID controller, with I gain and D gain. Which is tedious, not hard but tedious work.

We could integrate it into a car parking system where you need to punch in your car plat number and enter a password. And a few other functions. Hmmm.



Ch1L said...

like ur inventions..keep inventing!!

khinhooi said...

it is not really an invention,,, rather an innovation

Kantha Rao said...

You still have video for this bro? why don't you post it up?

Khin Hooi Ng said...

In fact I have it, since you mentioned it. But not enough data plan to upload. haha