Friday, March 27, 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Hour

Tomorrow is going to the time we all unite and close all the switches for our lights. Let the world be united to fight against global warming and all those that is bad.

Even better, you spend some time with your family and friend doing dark activities (Not ahem ahem la you perverts). Sing song, hang lanterns, looks at the moon, etc

You can also go out and have a walk around the neighbourhood and scold those who don't turn off their light (Tell them they are a n00b). Or you can go to any activities listed at the Earth Hour Malaysia Website.

Doze off early is a good idea too and wake up again at 9.30. Or you can run naked around the house, no one will see it since it is dark. Don't get caught by your dad or mum.

Me? I am planning to go to the Kuala Lumpur Tower to see the Petronas Twin Tower. Hoping to make it there and hoping it will be a nice one.

But after Earth Hours, remember to always fight for Global Warming. Turn off non-essential lights and appliances off. A flick of switch can make a difference.