Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photography Techniques

These are photography techniques I use. I am still a learner so comments and critiques are welcomed. Now I would like to share some here.

This is a photography tutorials by Temporary40. This may derived from other source. Here we go.

Hi there, before starting, I would like to say something. Photography is an interest that is so easy and relaxing. You just need a camera or a camera phone will do. No need for some killer SLR camera although it will be a great advantage.

Technique Number One: Using the rule of thirds

This is the very basic rule to use.

Another way is to use the Golden Ratio. You can surf here . This is too complicated and this is actually done by great minds of the past.

We will just stick to rule of thirds.

First of all, we divide the canvas by thirds horizontally and vertically. Like so.

And we should focus on the lines of thirds. Like so in the area of whites. The more whites, the more we should put the object to focus.

Excellent Example

The lamp pole is focused on the vertical line and the lamp itself is focused on the intersection. The table is focused on the lower right intersection. The more object is focused on the thirds, the better.

Good Example

The lady is focus on the lower left intersection.

Fair Example

There is nothing to focus on but the horizon is focused on the upper horizontal third. So try to put horizons on the thirds line.

Again, we try to focus the grass but the grass is not really an object but rather a large entity.

Bad Example

Although the horizon is on the line of third but the little island is at the center of the canvas, bad work, bad work.

Technique Number Two: Using Perspectives to create Line and Depth.

God created perspective, so make full use of it to capture nature's wonders. Perspective is useful to create line and to have a feel of 3D in a 2D canvas.

Excellent Example

This picture has a good symmetry and has a full perspective and have a feel of space.

The perspective end point is at the lower right intersection of thirds and the pole is at the vertical third line.

Good Example

There is a spacey feeling but the picture does not focus on anything, just a plain beach.

Fair Example

The 3D feel is there, but the perspective end point is out of the canvas, making this a fair example.

Bad Example

No perspective at all, but the picture is not a bad one itself.

Technique Number Three: Using focus

Use focus on the object you want to put emphasis and blur other stuff you want to odd out. The object could be in front or at the back or at the middle.

Excellent Example

There is something to focus on

The picture emphasize on the ball in a game of basketball. This shows how important the ball is.

Good Example

The focus is in the middle and blurred at the front and back. It is not an excellent example because of no special object to emphasize, it is all flowers.

The emphasis is the plant and the back is blurred. This could be an Excellent Example but the back is too bright and the object to emphasize is dark.

Fair Example

The emphasis is the grass and the end point of perspective is out of the canvas.

Again, the emphasis is the twig, no solid object.

Bad Example

The emphasis is the violet flowers but it is put in the middle of the canvas and the flower is sticking out of no where.

Technique Number Four: Capturing Humans and Animate Objects.

It is important to focus one the particular object. Either human or animal. And either can be portrait or life shot. Never cut off object at the edge, it is a photographer's worst mistake. If it is a human, make sure the head until at least the knee (or waist or abdomen) is in the photo.

Excellent Example

A portrait picture, from head to the abdomen, faces are put at the upper horizontal line of thirds

The cat's head is put at the lower left intersection of thirds and its body is whole, at least until it is blocked by the stone.

Life shot, the human is until the knee and they are doing something.

Good Example

The cats are put in intersection of thirds, but not really excellent because it is taken from aerial view. No creativity

The faces are put in the upper horizontal third line. The backlight is too bright

Fair Example

The face is in the upper left intersection of thirds but the body is missing

Although in this life shot photo, the focus is in the lady buying the vegetables but there is a people who are cut.

The body is cut

The humans seems to be floating in the air

The heads are too far to the side of the photo

The cat at the right is only halfway taken.

The face is too far to the edge

Bad Example

Don't capture people's face blocked by something

Don't capture people's face cut by the edge

Try less butt or prevent it totally

Again, don't cut people's face by the edge

All the humans seem to be looking to the middle of the air.

Technique Number Five: Using Trees as Borders

Some fancy tree leaves can make a photo beautiful because it acts as a natural border. Some people prefer it, some don't but I do. The 'border' should not exceed the third lines.

Excellent Example

The border is at the upper right corner of the photo. The border also prevents from empty sky.

Good Example

The border is there but there is no focus.

Fair Example

Too much border will ruin the photo

The border is blocking the object of focus

Too much of border will block the object to focus

Bad Example

Too much border until it appear dark, bad work.

Technique Number Six: Using Different Point of View

In my personal opinion, the lower point of view is, the more depth you will feel with your photo.

Excellent Example

The camera is only a few inches from the ground, creating a good depth and have a path's feeling

Fair Example

This is taken almost 90 degree straight above but not really a good one because no rule of third used.

Technique Number Seven: Feel Your Way Through

Don't use manual or even this post, just feel your picture, you will eventually get a good photo.

More of my photography here.


i e R said...

w00t nice photoes! and the theory is correct :D but usually, theory are guidelines for beginner, once u gotten good, it's time to break the rule of third, thus that is where ur 2nd rules comes in, the Perspectives Shots. and focus point, good theory, that is the style that usually ignore rule of third. :) keep it up!

ohya, try adding another rules usually must give attention to, the horinzone line, watch it :D

Perspectives shot usually ignores* the horinzon line which creates even marvelous shots :D

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


so many info taht I least, I learnt something today!

Thanks 4 sharing..I love the pots photo!


khinhooi said...

thank ier, but i quite blur about what you say at the last part... hehe,

zara, you are welcome. photography is easy and should be enjoyed by everyone.