Monday, March 30, 2009

I Saw the World in New Light

From the Earth Hour, I learned new things. But before I get to that here are a few snap shots from the top of Kuala Lumpur Tower at the very Earth Hour.

This is the moment before Earth Hour, the Petronas Twin Towers.

And Maybank building with the surroundings.

This is the Petronas Twin Tower during Earth Hour.

This is the part of area at the right of Petronas Twin Towers. All dark except for a KFC building, the MBF signboard and Wisma Hap Seng. Apparently, Bangunan UMNO forget to turn off their signboard or DO NOT turn off, whichever it is.

Now to share a bit.

I can say Kuala Lumpur is a great city. Most of the buildings participated in the Earth Hour. Most turned off their lights.

I am very touched on the moment they turned off their lights especially the Petronas Twin Towers.

I saw a place decorated with a large '60' sign made out of candle lights or bulb, whichever it is. It is high from above so I cant tell but it was large, maybe 50 meter width. It was really a great effort in making this world event a success.

This somehow show how our country is united.

At the same time, some buildings do not turn off their lights. They leave their signboard on. What are you trying to promote? Ego? Ignorance? Stupidity? Is your signboard that important to be turned off just for the sake of the world. Or you think the world is so useless that it does not need any care. You think this event is so insignificant?

And I learned that our college is not participating in the event like other hostel. They just made an annoucement to tell all the people to turn off their lights. Obviously, no one will ever listen to that announcement under the bad public addressing system.

And to those who don't turn off because of ignorance or insignificance, I would say, you are so egoistic. You only think for yourselves. You are so materialistic.

Of course by turning off the lights for one hour could not make a difference. But it is the effort that counts. If you never turn off now, you will never do it in the future. You never show the will to help.

You think you yourself by one person will not make any change but think in a big scale please. If everyone think like you, then we will have so many people turning off their lights already. Seven billion or more humans living on Earth.

I cannot express in words how I hate those types of people. Yes, I am being stereotypical but I have to because I cared. One last world, You made me SICK.

Enough of EMO words. TO help now. These are a few steps to help reduce the consumption of energy:

- Increase your air conditioner by two degree. Don't be a baby who scared of the heat.

- Turn down your load speaker knob by 30 degree. You are not deaf okay.

- Clean your fan occasionally. The dust will consume more torque, meaning consuming more current, meaning consuming more energy.

- Turn down your monitor intensity, you are not blind.

- Turn down the water heater in the shower or better, don't use water heater. I never use any water heater at home or hostel room.

- Turn off the lights when you are out. Who are you leaving the lights on for? Ghosts?

- Don't use any wallpaper on your monitor. Leave it black. The monitor needs energy to generate RGB lights on the screen.

- Use the stairs if you are going up or down one to three or four levels only. Don't use the lift. No wonder there are so many obese people nowadays.

If everyone and I mean EVERYONE (which is impossible because of those people I mentioned above) is doing this, then our world will be in a better condition.



Xan said...

Sure it were. Many people would just ignored this kind of stuff. They think it was useless, it could be better if the world take some enforcement rather than this silly form of supportive act.

But it is great that most of them actually follow what the world wants. People are diffrent in many ways especially their mind. So, not all things may go smoothly as the way you want. World is not perfect so does the society. That is what i think...

Anonymous said...

I know, that it is necessary to make)))