Monday, March 30, 2009

An Earth Hour Memory

To sum up a meaningful event, I would like to make this post.

From the day I learned about the event at Youth 09.
I am eager to help out at least a bit.
I saw the Earth Hour video and made a poem or what looks like a poem.
I post up a self-made ad about the Earth Hour at the top of my side bar.
I saw the television advertisement and copy the Hijau song by Zainal Abidin.
I made a wallpaper for Earth.
I use it to make it into my blog template.
Lastly, I went to KL Tower to watch Earth Hour and learned something new.

Sorry if I have made any of you angry or sad using my words. I do critic a lot due to this Earth Hour.


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BabySiiaOzz said...

=( duno the EH organization is for good or money...