Friday, March 20, 2009

Carefree Life

Actually I liked cats but they are not like dogs who recognizes their masters. And I am slightly allergic to cat's fur.

Our college are crawling with cats here and there, on the floor, on the chairs, on the tables.

They are sometimes adorable, they just need the food to survive. But some people just chase them away. Too pity.

Human who are more fortunate to be gifted a brain, help those creatures that are lesser than us.



BabySiiaOzz said...

miao miao is always cuteeeeee ^^

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


i dont like cats actually..><

i'm scared of them..huhuhu

khinhooi said...

some are scared,,, some adore them... different people different views.