Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Time Odyssey: Time's Eye

The Time Odyssey Book One by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke. This book is a science fiction and Clarke was the famous science fiction of our time.

This book tells the tale of our Earth been ripped apart not in space but time. The event happened and suddenly you are facing a world of jigsaw puzzle placed together with each pieces from different times.

So happen that Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan was put together and they will fight to reign over the new world.

The event started from no where and after that, there are eyes hovering above our new Earth, or they call it Mir. Not just one or two buy many. And the weird thing is, the pi ratio for the eye sphere was three, not about three and one seventh.

My Review
The story was interesting all right but the beginning of the story was naggy (if it is a word) and elaborative (again, if it is a word). Conclusion, the beginning was boring. It grows more interesting when you comes to the end of the book but the climax was so so. Not too interesting if you compare to books by Dan Brown.

The English was a bit hard to comprehend. If you compare to any teenagers' book, the vocabulary used was deep. And yet, it was still understoodable. The happenings in the book was easy to understand.

On to the next Book: Sunstorm

Khin Hooi


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