Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hypertension on A Silver Platter?

One day, Khin Hooi went to a doctor to ask about health.

Khin Hooi: Hi doc, I wanna know the secrets of long living. Could you share some hints?

Doc: I see. Do you smoke?

Khin Hooi: Oh no, I hate smoking.

Doc: Well then, are you a heavy drinker?

Khin Hooi: Nope, I barely drink.

Doc: Hmm, [whispering] Do you have sex often.

Khin Hooi: Nope.


Khin Hooi: ...

Okay, it is a mock up story. But there is no harm in living a healthy life right?

My Self Development Lecturer claims that men are not health conscious because of busy lifestyle and such and women are more health conscious. It maybe true to some extend. But she claims too that men are getting more aware about the importance of health.

Here are some habits that I found out from sources like newspaper, net, television, radio et cetera and I would like to share some of them with any reader here. It also will be my reminder of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Starting from EATING.

1) Eat according to the Food Pyramid.

Did anyone knew there is a new food pyramid according to the USDA (Unites States Department of Agriculture). Means the old school pyramid is not really working. For short, eat more grain and vegetable and fruits and avoid meat and oil and sugar and salt.

More info at

2) Eat less.

I learnt this from Discovery Channel. Eat only the food you need. Never stuff you stomach with extra stuff even you were fasting for three days. The logic is like an engine, you pump in more fuel, the more it will go, and the faster it will wear out. Same as a human body. Its also like you eat a lot of sweets, your pancreas works too much, they go on strike, and the next day you are a diabetic person.

3) As chinese says 早上吃得饱,中午吃得好,晚上吃得少. (Morning eat full, afternoon eat good, night eat less)

You sleep through the night without any food, so your body are lacked of energy. That is why the morning meal we call it break-fast. We were fasting when we sleep. I heard this from the radio, those who eats breakfast regularly are less prone to heart disease. At night, eat less because it is not like you are going to climb a mountain at night. Fruits and salad are good at night, less energy but high in vitamins and minerals.

4) Drink a bottle of 500 ml water after you woke up from the bed.

Same as above, your body are dehydrated from sleeping without drinking. Lol, who would wake up every hour to take a cup of water. From the net, you should drink 4 cups of 160ml water and wait for 45 minutes before breakfast.

5) Avoid fast food outlet.

Say no to burger, fried drumstick, french fries. As Squidward Tentacles says it is a Heart Attack on A Bun. Once or twice a month is okay for fellowship or other reasons. You can even opt for some healthier outlet.

Then to habits

6) Exercise and breath more fresh air.

You no need to take up sports for the sake of exercise. Just walk around is enough. Take an evening walk with you family or shopping. Yeah shopping. Good news for shopaholics. You know you spend a lot of energy by just walking around a giant mall? And to those who are going through exam or hard office worker. Go out for some air. Although the air in Kuala Lumpur is not that fresh but it is better than an office. Did you know you house toilet is cleaner that than your work or study place?

7) Avoid smoking and drugs.

Smoking is like pouring tar in your chest. Who wants black tar in your chest? I don't feel good smelling vehicles fumes while waiting at the bus stop, why smoking be better? I never try smoking though, I don't know, maybe it makes that person look cool or something. I don't know. Some say life is too short to not enjoy smoking. What the. Refer to New Straits Times for February 9th, 2009. There is an advertising showing a person who got a puncture at his neck to breath because of neck cancer which caused by SMOKING. Don't get me start on drugs.

8) If you are a social drinker, choose wine instead of beer.

I read from an issue of Nature and Health from the Borneo Post. Wine is healthier than beer.

9) Be Happy Go Lucky

Always be happy. Keep away from Hatred, Greed, and Delusion. Being angry just makes you older.

10) Do good and pray a lot.

As the title says.

If you never did or never will do any of the things listed above, you are being served with a silver plate of hypertension.

Khin Hooi writing a nerd post.


BabySiiaOzz said...

nice ^^ where got nerdy! lol.
uu what also dunwan why want live for so long!?!? kakakaax I'm teh doctor bluek =X

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

I dont drink..

I dont drive...


but yeah, agree with u...

health is really important and there's no life meaning without it~

life will be meaningless~