Monday, January 12, 2009

And yet another Sunday

I woke up quite late today, 2.00 pm. Perhaps Sunday is the only day for me to sleep late for this week. As an abnormal person, I need 10 hours sleep in one day and I don't get enough sleep throughout the week.

People will spend Sunday out on the streets where the Youth event and The Stars Education Fair are going on. And today suppose to be the finals for Malaysia Open Super Series. Its badminton for those who don't know. I don't know what it is at first. I am not a sports person.

I spend the day blog hopping, finding something interesting to read, learning about things. Skipped my lunch and breakfast, (well I don't usually have breakfast on Sunday or Saturday). And to find myself now full with three meals in my stomach for dinner.

Yesterday too was something special happened. They claim that the full moon was the biggest. I don't know how true it is but it seems a bit bigger. I don't know because I don't stare at the moon too frequently. I did snap a few photos but it turned out lousy.

I realize that my blood donation book was dated July 30th, 2008. I should have get my blood sucked out on October 30th though. And it was over two months due. Should I keep the frequent donation so I can get 100 pint by the age of 50 and be claimed as a kind person. Or don't care about it.

And yet, life will goes on tomorrow (I mean today) where people call it Monday Morning Blues. Class at 8am and not more until 2pm. What a waste. I think I will come back to my college and promote the Earth Hour event around. Hey, I am a nature person but I do waste a lot of electricity.

Behold the video clip for Earth Hour.

I hope to see Kuala Lumpur to turn off their lights for the event. It is truly a meaningful initiative for our planet.

Khin Hooi

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