Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunshine and Dragon I

20 December 2008

Sunshine by ~temporary40 on deviantART
On the same day, we went to Sunshine Square. Kind of like a supermarket with departmental store. Erm, this is not actually a picture of Sunshine Square though. Just some representation.

Dragon I by ~temporary40 on deviantART
By night, we were treated by my uncle to this Dragon I Restaurant. Its delicious and the environment was high class but as you know, the price was expensive. But the price are still acceptable. A meal and beverage with side order costs about RM 40 ++ only. Reasonable ey?

Cutlery at Dragon I by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Queens Bay Mall 3 by ~temporary40 on deviantART
Yeap, the Restaurant is in Queensbay Mall. Means we went here twice already.

Khin Hooi

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