Monday, December 15, 2008


This would be some informative post I done since blogging. I want to share some information on how to avoid the traffic when you are going to the PIKOM PC Fair at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and have a nice day with lunch and movie. This post are suitable for those tourists or those who never go to a PC Fair.

Above is the real scale map of the Convention Center and Suria KLCC. (The above illustration was done with help of Google Earth and Illustrator.)

How to Get to the Convention Center

Hmm,,, one good question. In my opinion, the best way is to use the Kelana Jaya Line LRT. Driving is not a good way because the parking is expensive too. Taxi will just cut your throat. As you get down from the LRT station (The ticket counter), turn left and follow the tunnel to get to Suria KLCC as in the RED path. As you arrive at the Concourse level, you can go to the Convention Center using the Concourse level tunnel or the Ground level path outside. GREEN path is the tunnel underground while the YELLOW path is the path outside where you can see the park and the lake. I would recomment the YELLOW path because it good for sightseeing.

Having Lunch

This would be a big problem since the place will be packed. You can just go for some expensive restaurant the Level 3 which will burn your wallet or queue at any Food Court and Fast Food Outlet. The solution? I would have my lunch at Avenue K. From the LRT Station, where you turn left to Suria KLCC, turn right instead to Avenue K. You will see a Secret Recipe and Burger King there. Walk some more to reach a Food Court. You can have lunch there.

Watching The Movie

Just go early for the ticket to avoid the queue.

Withdrawing Money for PC Fair Goods

My advice is to budget what you wanna buy. If you wanna buy a thumb drive, a speaker and RAM, budget it. Withdraw the money at Suria KLCC before going to the Convention Center. It would be a bad idea to withdraw at the Convention Center itself because it will be a very long queue there. Those queue are for those who don't budget earlier. CIMB bank and RHB Bank are at the Ground Floor and Maybank is at the Concourse Level.

Leaving the Area

At anytime where the KLCC Station is packed with queue for ticket, and you don't have a Touch and Go card or a Stored Value Card, I would suggest you walk to the next Station. Ampang Park LRT. And if your PC Fair goods are not heavy. This I learnt from Cyrus though. Talk the elevator from KLCC Station up to Avenue K. As you exit from Avenue K, turn left and walk straight until you reach the Ampang Park LRT as shown in the BLUE path. It is better than queueing for ticket and you can exercise and sightseeing.

The Whole Thing

This would be what I will do.
- Reach Suria KLCC, purchase a ticket for movie
- Go for lunch
- Withdraw money if I wanted to purchase something
- Go to Convention Center
- Go for movie
- Walk around
- Leave

Something else to do

If you have spare time, you can visit the Gallery Petronas at Level 2 or go to the PETROSAINS at level 3 if your not a shopaholic.

I am still learning to use Illustrator, hope to become a great user in it.

Khin Hooi


BabySiiaOzz said...

PC fair end jor lo == now only blog about it ==

khinhooi said...

i know ,, just blog for fun, PC Fair at KL are held so frequent,, i think it will be useful the next fair.. haha,