Sunday, December 28, 2008

My 2007 Holidayz

I am going to update my blog with many posts about my recent holiday with my family. But before that, here is a post on my friendster blog on my 2007 family trip.

17/12 - Fly to KL and fly to Penang live at uncle's house

18/12 - Went to QueensBay Mall and watched Movie Enchanted

19/12 - Went to Prangin Mall and buy shirts, a lot. ><

20/12 - Go to Kuala Kedah and have a trip to Langkawi. Chocolates!!!

21/12 - Have a day tour at Langkawi, went up the Cable Car, Scary OO

22/12 - Go back to Bagan Serai, Perak, dad's hometown.

23/12 - Have a day trip to Kamunting, went to Tesco Taiping and Taiping Lake, nice scenery.

24/12 - Drive to Cameron Highland.

25/12 - Have a day trip around Cameron, visit tea, flowers, strawberry. Real strawberry aren't that delicious though.

26/12 - Come down from Cameron, went to Ipoh for lunch

27/12 - Stay at Bagan Serai, go to Hiway shopping mall to have a walk and went to CC for Perfect World

28/12 - Come down to KL by bus and walk around Petaling Street

29/12 - Back to Kolej Siswa Jaya in the morning and family back to Miri. PEACE

Khin Hooi

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