Saturday, November 1, 2008

To those tutorials seeker, I am researching on ways to create your own space scenery purely out of Photoshop. Of course with some presets.

In the near future, you will be served with an Ultimate Space Tutorial Package with Sub-Tutorial to create Planets, Planet Ring, The Sun, Nebula, Star Field, and Comet.
You may ask why Star Field and Nebula AGAIN? ( Well, this time I will be creating a more realistic looking Star Field.

Did you know we have 2 kind of space scenery? First is near view scene for instance Solar system. Second would be far view scene for instance galaxies. I will be covering both of these scenes.

But the bad news, it won't come too early. I am having an exam now. So, I will try my best to find the time to create those tutorials.

The techniques used are altered or copied from other tutorials so I will credit those original tutorial creator.

You would say "This guy is bluffing". So, here you are, created by only Photoshop with some brush and pattern presets.

These tutorials I would aim to those with intermediate to advance skill in Ps. I will try my best to provide instruction to those beginners too.

Because Picasa Web album do limit the size of pictures upload, I will use ImageShack instead. I would like to give credits to .

Stay tuned.


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