Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cameron Highland Snaps

I have been searching through my digital camera and I found there few picture that I think, I think that looks good in the perspective, takes, color, etc. So I have decided to use Photoshop to make it nicer. And indeed when uploaded to DeviantArt, I got some of it favored for example Tea Farm and Red Leaves. Do enjoy the snaps.

Tea Farm at Cameron Highland by ~temporary40 on deviantART

This got 3 favored. A tea farm in Cameron Highland

Violet Flower by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Some flower that I took too at Cameron Highland. My family and I went there at the end of 2007 for a family trip

Orange Flower by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Old classical snaps of flower in front of the leaves

Blossom by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Another classic

Violet Over Green by ~temporary40 on deviantART

The flower and the green leaves comes from different plants

Herbal Plant by ~temporary40 on deviantART

By the way, we also went to Langkawi on the trip, I think I will upload some nice sceneries if there are any there.

Crawler Plant by ~temporary40 on deviantART

One of my favorite too. Dark effect

Herbal Scrub by ~temporary40 on deviantART

I think this it too colored, wrong effect

Red Leaves Field by ~temporary40 on deviantART

See how they arrange the flower, or I should say leaves

Strawberry Perspective by ~temporary40 on deviantART

I like this, only the strawberries don't grow too low or it would be a nice picture

Nescafe by ~temporary40 on deviantART

Okay, tired day, time for a drink

Jalan Hang Tuah by ~temporary40 on deviantART

This is totally a random shot of Jalan Hang Tuah, nothing to do with the trip. I post it here to show that I use the same effect on this picture as I use them on all the pictures here.

I will make a tutorial on how to color correct the correct way. Like I did for these photos. I love them so much, or am I being narcissistic?

Khin Hooi

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Christin Lim Chew Yin said...

Hey, I absolutely loveeeees the piece of Red Leaves. Good one!