Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tiring Days Part 2

This would be the sequel to Tiring Day. And this time its Tiring Days not Day because of continuous work on the second backdrop for 3 days straight. This second piece is quite detailed and need a lot of attention and time to finish it.

This time, I will include the process of making the backdrop so you can see the tedious steps in making a backdrop, painted backdrop.

This time, we have much help from others and I would like to give my gratitude to those who helped. Three main artist: Merng, Kei Shen and me. Assist: Shean Huei, Steven Ling, Dao Hui, Yi Lung. And to Joan and Hui Theng for sawing the cloths together. Thanks too to Hong Yuan, Yi Siang, JJ, Kelvin, Joan, and Dao Hui, Mah Rong, Sean, Wei Ting, etc for cleaning up the floor after the painting. Sorry if I forget to mention any name, your help was appreciated too.

Day 1 - Sunday 19 Oct 2008

We started off with a bug bulk of fabric to paint on and its still the same 32 feet X 20 feet.

Spreading the cloth and gridding.

Stick the fabric to the floor

Process of gridding the original picture. You can see the mini size backdrop here.

Getting the paints ready.

All right, start drawing. The sky, mountain and forest.

Getting on with the first layer of ground.

And the rubber estate.

Darkening the floor.

Rubber estate.

The forest.

Mould on the tree.

Darkening the right part. And the end of First day and its already early in the morning. Me and Kei Shen still went for class on the morning. Too tired to concentrate.

Second Day - Monday 20 Oct 2008

Started off with the leaves for the rubber tree. We used sponge for stamping. Quite easy it compared to brush painting.

Overview of the rubber estate. Rotate yourself to have a better look. We finish off the day with long and tedious work on the walls of the kampung house.

Third Day - Tuesday 21 Oct 2008

Finish off the nipah roof for the kampung house and the coconut trees.


By this time, we are very tired and exhausted.

Went back to my room and saw this magnificent view of Kuala Lumpur.

Fourth Day - Wednesday 22 Oct 2008

Kei Shen and I painted this tree for the front pole.

Overview painting of tree.

Finished tree. Tired man! And did you realise I wore the same shirt for consecutively few days? Lol.

And its already morning of 23 Oct 2008. Need to bring the painting to Chin Woo Stadium for preparation.

Still painting? Need to rush.

Okay done!

Final painting of Kampung and Rubber Estate. Merng and I, Kei Shen went back. It was the time the event finished. (Bad camera, too blur)

But before that, we brought the painting for Chin Woo and hang it. It was October 23rd and I went there after finish the painting of the single tree. Without sleep. ><. Like a panda with red eyes. They busy the whole day to prepare the stuff for the grand event on 24th. There was a full rehearsal on night of 23rd too.

And the final event was at night of 24th. Great event and great show. To tell the truth, I was very touched with the whole drama about race integrity. And the stadium was quite full. Congratulation to the whole board of organizers. Its was quite a successful event.

I do learn a lot from the event, although I do not participate as much as other groups for instance the props group or the performance group. Thanks again to everyone.

And sorry for the bad grammar I used in this post. I was still tired and my body was in fatique.

Quote: It was the time together that we need to appreciate.

Khin Hooi

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