Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiring Day

Got the job of painting the backdrop of Malam Kebudayaan Cina's Backdrop. And I thought it would be fun. As you can see from my few post back, I only have the sketch. Now to paint the whole thing into a BIG piece of cloth. 32 feet X 20 feet to be exact. We used water paint for the giant art.

It took three of us, Merng, Kei Shen, and me from 11 am of Saturday morning to 3 am of Sunday to finish it. Elaine did help too. And we have another piece waiting for us.

This the tree and tree branch done by me.

Tree done by me, kind of proud of it.

Rocks and bushes done by Merng and Kei Shen, its hard to paint the bush as it need single strokes of a small brush. You could see the detail even from a far.

Overall painting view

And lastly, the three artist, me, Kei Shen and Merng. + Elaine, not in the picture.

I am having pain in my knee because of squatting down for the whole day painting this thing. But it was worthwhile to see our painting come out so nice.

Tips: Hands and fingers could be a good tool for painting.
Quote: Patience is the best virtue.

Khin Hooi


Estina said...

That was really cool! considering that is so difficult to transfer it to a huge piece of clothe.. anyways, i saw u guys painting in block b yesterdays but i only saw u guys painting the green backdrop..haha...good job!!! =)

BabySiiaOzz said...

omg!! i thought uu're only good at digital art or sth like that.....
that painting is EXTREMELY AWESOME!!!! TT

khinhooi said...

thanks for the comment.

ZARA said...

Your paintings looks very nice!
The hard works showed the best result...^0^