Monday, October 13, 2008

This is a place to view all of my collection of works where I like to share it with you all.

I have categorize the post into several parts where you can easily access them.

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Traditional art either watercolor, foldings, paper collage, or pencil scribble is a piece of art.

One art may be very horrible looking but if you look at its good side, you may find something unique about the art.

All of my traditional art, which are non-digital produced will be under this link.


Modern digital world don't have to be all digits and logic. They too can come in form of art.

Software like Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Microsoft Paint can create those art.

My works created using Adobe Photoshop will be placed here while other computer generated art will be placed under OtherMedia.


Seeing is believing. Either with our own eye or through photographs.

The world is filled with so much wonders that only the eyes can appreciate.

Wonderful scenery captured by camera either nature or modern will be available in Photography.


Learning is important to improve oneself. Teaching is a greater way to enhance oneself.

Through the creation of tutorials, both sides will benefit.

My tutorials for what so ever software will be put here.

Quicky Links:
Photoshop - Rich Color

Photoshop - Night Flower
Photoshop - Six Scenes of Kuala Lumpur
3D Studio Max - Glass Canon
Photoshop - Sparkles and Colors
Photoshop - Nebula Clouds


As was mention above, digital is now important in art either can be static or dynamic art.

Three dimensional art too is now becoming popular.

All my art, images or videos creates by programs like 3D Studio Max, Premiere Pro, etc are placed under Other Media.

Quicky Links:
Chinese Chess
3D Studio Max - Glass Canon (Tutorial)
Premiere Pro - Negaraku MKC Montage


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